May and June 2019

24 April 2019


Dear Friends and Partners,


We have a marvelous God who cares about every part of our lives and keeps His love fixed on us. He spoke through the prophet, “The LORD has appeared of old to me, saying: ‘Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you’” (Jeremiah 31:3). We are amazed at the fact that His love for us is everlasting and doesn’t change. In fact we are all a part of His Kingdom because He drew us to Himself by His love.


These past two months have been very profitable concerning the Kingdom of God. We spent a few days in Quebec with a new church plant that seems to be going very well. The pastoral team was sent from l’Eglise Nouvelle Alliance (New Covenant Church) in Ottawa. The final days of March and the first week of April were spent in France and Switzerland. Richard Olinger, a brother who lives near us, accompanied Eugene on that trip, and they reported excellent meetings in Toulouse and on through the south of France and finishing in Geneva, Switzerland.


As you can see, we are writing this letter during the final days of April, and this weekend will be spent in Trinidad where we will be ordaining the pastoral team for Agape Bible Ministries in Curepe. Last year Pastor Sam Philip went to be with our Lord, and his wife, Grace, has become the leader of the pastoral team. Many of you will receive this letter after we have returned from Trinidad, but we especially ask that you lift the church up to the Lord in prayer. It has been a difficult time for them, but God has been faithful to take them through it all to victory.


As you can see from our calendar, we plan to be in Colombia the latter half of May, beginning in Cali and ending in Bogota. In June we are planning a trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba, ministering in another church plant from l’Eglise Nouvelle Alliance in Ottawa, Ontario. The latter part of the month will find us in Maine, ministering to a part of our family of churches in both Van Buren and Lisbon.


A few months ago we mentioned that we were trying slow down in our travels. Believe it our not, we are actually leaving several weeks open each month to accomplish that very thing. However, we do ask that you pray for us concerning the future. If we would allow ourselves, we could easily fill our calendar as we did in the past. God has been so gracious to us by allowing us to build relationships with people around the world, and for that we are grateful and blessed.


We love you all and thank God for you and your faithfulness. Remember that you are in our hearts, and we pray for the blessing of God upon each of you. We often pray for you as John wrote to his friend Gaius: “I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” (3 John 2).


In Jesus,


Eugene & Sherry


P.S. Several people have asked us if we have a PayPal account. Yes, we do, and the identification for the account is: Elton May. All money that is sent to that account is deposited to Eagles Wings and is receipted at the end of the year.



May – June 2019


25-29 April – Trinidad & Tobago

25-28 April – Agape Bible Ministries – Curepe, Trinidad & Tobago


29 April – 15 May – At Home – Dover, Florida


16-26 May – Colombia, South America

            16 May – Vida en Abundancia – Cali

            17-18 May – (TBA)

            19 May – Iglesia Rey de Reyes – Cali

            21 May – Amor y Vida – Cali

            23 May – Iglesia Misión Cristiana – Cali

            24-26 May – Arbol de Vida – Bogota


6-10 June – Canada

7-9 June – L’Eglise Nouvelle Alliance – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


19-23 June – Maine, USA

            19 June – Soteria Ministries – Van Buren

22-23 June – Maine Camp Meeting (Stauron Ministries) – Brunswick, Maine


24-30 June – At Home – Dover, Florida

            30 June – Bread of Life Church – Clearwater, Florida



“They shall mount up with wings like eagles…”