"Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary."

Who we are

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Dr. Eugene and Sherry May are the founders of Eagles Wings, Inc., a teaching and missions oriented ministry with the purpose of ministering to the Church and establishing and encouraging relationships between leaders around the world.

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September and October 2016

By Gene | September 2, 2016

26 August 2016 Dear Friends and Partners, We are moving into the final third of the year 2016. Our nation, the USA, is also about to experience one of the most important elections in our history as we prepare to elect a new President. We must admit that we are concerned about the future of…

July and August 2016

By Gene | June 30, 2016

26 June 2016 Dear Friends and Partners, We are currently in France where we have been ministering in several churches. France is a field that is dear to our hearts and we know that the nation is being prepared for a great harvest and we desire to see it. It is extremely encouraging to see…

May and June 2016

By Gene | May 1, 2016

Letter for May and June 2016 26 April 2016 Dear Friends and Partners, Preparing to write this letter to you has been a time of joy for us for we know that so many of you have stood in faith with us over these past few weeks of ministry. We are reminded of the words…

March and April 2016

By Gene | March 9, 2016

Letter for March and April 2016 25 February 2016 Dear Friends and Partners, Writing this newsletter is always a pleasure simply because we are able to share with you the joy that we have as fellow believers in our Lord, Jesus Christ. Nehemiah spoke to Israel in a time that was potentially difficult and said,…

January – February 2016

By Gene | March 9, 2016

Letter for January and February 2016 20 December 2015 Dear Friends and Partners, Looking forward to 2016 has filled us with great hope: hope for the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ and hope for the world in which we all live. There are times when we feel the same thing that we see written…

November & December 2015

By Gene | December 1, 2015

25 October 2015 Dear Friends and Partners, It is with great joy that we enter this special season of the year when we in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. It is also the time in which the world celebrates Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Both of these days have great…

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